Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Alaska and Bristol Bay Borough.

Bristol Bay and the rivers. Sketch: Marco Casagrande.

Watzituya net hanging shop in Naknek.

Net-master Marcia Dale and net-hanger Nikita Wu.

Nikita Wu.

Watzituya...Naknek by night.

Marco Casagrande and Nikita Wu sorting a 150 fathom salmon drift net. 

Dead man's vessel.

Watzituya spare part truck.

F/V Mecca. The aluminum holy-land.

Soaking the net.


Marty Ross, one of the finest fisherman and artist the country has ever produced.

Marco Casagrande.

Tender boat off-loading to a processing vessel. 

Marty Ross again.

Turk, Captain of F/V Mecca.

Marco Casagrande and Marty Ross at Bering Sea, 2006.


Turk with a stern-full.